Olive Leaf Signature Restaurant


A unique dining experience with creative dishes, welcoming service and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea await you at the Olive Leaf Restaurant.

Experience a Mediterranean vibe with an interior design inspired by the olive, a crucial ingredient used throughout the Mediterranean cuisine and delicious dishes brought to you by Israeli chef Simon Maman and Italian chef Michele Bozzeto. They bring you closer to an innovative interpretation of a Kosher Mediterranean cuisine using only fresh local products and the very best olive oil.

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A holistic Mediterranean dining experience

Fusing international and local tastes, the Olive Leaf’s dishes encompass a Mediterranean core with traditional local flavors, combined to produce a unique dining experience. Let yourself be surprised by our two brilliant chefs, Israeli chef Shimon Maman and Italian chef Michele Bozzeto; together they create their interpretation to Kosher Mediterranean cuisine by using local fresh products.

Enjoy the spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea from the restaurant panoramic windows or have a sit on our stunning terrace during the summer season. For private events, the restaurant suggest its private room which can accommodate up to 25 people.

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Adjacent to the restaurant, guests can enjoy a private dining experience in the Olive Boardroom, where they can host private event, special dinners, celebrate unique occasions and throw small parties for up to 25 people.

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Media Contact:
115 Hayarkon St.Tel Aviv IL
Tel: +97235219300
Email: ol.telaviv@sheraton.com

Visit website: http://www.oliveleaf.co.il/

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