Vietnam Tour Packages On Offer In Uk Market By Vietnam Tour Pedia

vietnam-tour-packages-on-offer-in-uk-market-by-vietnam-tour-pediaVIETNAM, September 19th, 2016 – Viet Center Tourist & Event., LTD ( targets in UK market to achieve +25% growth in 2016 as the incoming tours both from Travel agencies in England and UK and direct travelers are booming since the July 2015 when the visa waiver has facilitated 15 days free visa for UK passport holders, since then has decided to open a new market with new website dedicated to UK client’s interest in mind and requirements to offer Vietnam tour packages based on the needs and traveling style of British travelers, said Hamid, Online Marketing Manager of

UK offer significant potential for Vietnam tourism, according to two new Tourism Vietnam strategies launched in recent years by Minister of tourism, so, the market could grow well in the country if the offered Vietnam tour packages are well planned with aim to offer both must see and lesser known tourist destination which Vietnam has to offer, said Mr.Pham Huy Thong, CEO & Founder of Viet Center Tourist & Event.

The newly designed website is hosted in UK, with online marketing strategy and plan to boost the company’s target with the UK travelers within the 2016 /2017 as they aim to introduce and develop Vietnam as well as Indochina (Laos, Cambodia & Myanmar) as a quality destination through pro-active tour and holiday packages suit the demand of any traveler with any traveling style and expectation, the company itself is also a great MICE and event organizer in Vietnam, added Hamid, online marketing manager.

The expanded marketing target will increase the number of UK travelers who are interested in having a trip to Vietnam and Indochina through the online website, the prices for each tour packages are very affordable with high quality privately guided customized holiday packages which allow travelers to enjoy their holiday with the highest possible satisfaction rate. No matter Vietnam, or Cambodia or Laos and Myanmar, the company price tag policy is based on the targeting client, a high-end luxury package could include a luxury stay with high end service while the economy tour package will follow the same target in order to offer the best price for the targeted client, however, the guidance and the quality of transportation will never drop for any of the tour packages they offer, added Hamid, Online marketing manager.


Viet Center tourist & Event, LTD, established in 2008 with a focus on niche global market, especially to attract English speaking travelers to come and enjoy a fine trip to Vietnam and Indochina. With country facility on tourism and variety of destinations to enjoy, then they are ready to boost their Vietnam tour packages to UK travelers in 2016
Media Contact:
Hamid – Online Marketing Manager
Viet Center Tourist & Event., LTD
Phone:(+84) 4 6281 6212

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