10 Reasons Why Hoteliers Need to See the Reinvented iTV Platform by ADB at HITEC

10 Reasons Why Hoteliers Need to See the Reinvented iTV Platform by ADB at HITECWith 200,000 U.S. guestrooms installed and more than 100 million iTV, Broadband and Telco devices deployed worldwide, ADB will unveil its new interactive TV solution designed based on direct intel from hoteliers and guests

Broomfield, Colo., June 13, 2016 – ADB, the biggest and fastest growing interactive TV (iTV) solutions provider you’ve never met, will unveil a new end-to-end, managed-services iTV solution at HITEC. Not only does this solution operate in the cloud, but based on feedback from a neutral, independent study, the reinvented iTV platform delivers exactly what hoteliers and guests are asking for in 2016 and beyond, including: A robust and stable PMS Interface; An “at-home” experience that enables guests get more than 100 HD channels accessible through a searchable IPG and the ability to pause and record live TV; And, the ability to log on to their Over The Top (OTT) streaming accounts.

Here are 10 Top reasons why you should experience the reinvented iTV platform from
ADB in Booth 134 at HITEC:

1. Experienced & Global: Guests want an in-room TV viewing experience that is equal to or better than home. As the provider of 20 million at-home television set-top boxes around the world, ADB is intimately familiar with what guests have, what they use, how they use it, and what they want. This gives ADB the technical and behavioral experience that no other supplier has when designing, developing and deploying the next generation of iTV for the hotel environment.

ADB_ResearchImage_061320162. Research: ADB has been serving the hospitality industry for five-and-a-half years and has deployed its advance iTV technology to more than 200,000 rooms across most of the world’s top brands. ADB has engaged with numerous hotel professionals and listened to their needs and concerns and adapted its solutions to help address them. Recently ADB commissioned a neutral, independent study to determine exactly what guests and hoteliers want in an in-room entertainment solution, specifically relating to the guestroom TV experience. Findings will be revealed post HITEC.

3. UX: For guests, ADB delivers iTV functionality in a format that is easy to find and simple to use, ensuring a pleasant guest experience. This iTV platform offers guests what they want/need to know. It gives them a voice during their stay through the iTV experience, keeps them entertained, and shows them personalized “stuff” that keeps them engaged, spending money and coming back. For hoteliers, the solution is quick to install, simple to manage and easy to customize with branded features. It uses the hotel’s existing coaxial cable or Ethernet, saving costs, space and power consumption. The only hardware on-site is a compact device which hides discretely mounted behind the TV.

ADB_GreenCloudBased_061320164. Green & Cloud-Based: ADB’s cloud-based managed services implementation offers 24/7 monitoring to ensure reliability and delivery of service. It eliminates expensive head-end equipment at each hotel, thereby cutting capital costs. It also frees-up physical space (no footprint) and consumes less power, making a hotel more green. As new services are developed, a property can upgrade quickly and remotely.

5. 100+ HD Channels, No CapEx: ADB’s relationship with the major cable operators makes it easy and cost-effective to offer the latest on-demand and OTT services. For a small addition to the monthly FTG fee, hotels can offer hundreds of full HD channels, OTT, thousands of free video-on-demand titles, and a host of other guest services all with no CapEx required. No other provider can match the scope and selection of ADB’s offering.

6. PMS Interfaces: ADB has integration to 40+ PMS systems, including Oracle/Micros.

7. Guest Service Interfaces: ADB has interfaces to a dozen-plus Guest Services Systems.

8. Reliability & Service: ADB’s implementation partners have service personnel across the country, so hotel service response times are quick. Additionally, because there is no head-end equipment and software resides in the cloud or in an ADB-partner central office, hotels can be monitored 24/7 and remotely maintained.

9. OTT & Free VOD: ADB’s OTT services enable guests to use their own streaming media accounts for access to the content they want to view most. ADB research shows that 85% of travelers have at least one streaming media account. The remaining 15% without a streaming account can watch free-VOD provided via the ADB solution.

10. HSIA: In early 2017, ADB’s service offering will be expanded to include HSIA capability, ensuring first-class coverage in every room.

ADB_iTVSolution_06132016“Hoteliers asked for an iTV solution that is high quality, easy to use, and offers fast and reliable service,” said Chris Dinallo, ADB’s SVP Business TV. “We answered with a solution that creates the best in-room experience for guests while offering a true service platform for hoteliers. We can’t wait to show it off.”

ADB is the official Sponsor of the HITEC Opening Party at Generations Hall on Monday, June 20th at 6:30 p.m. If you see an ADB staff member at the party, ask for a “Ticket” to see the next generation of iTV for the next generation of traveler in Booth #134. The “Ticket” will enable attendees to pick up a special gift in the ADB Booth and enter to win an Apple iPad®.

To pre-schedule an appointment with ADB during the show, email info@adbglobal.com. For more information on ADB, visit www.abdglobal.com.
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