GCommerce Growth Proves Hotels Want Customized Digital Marketing

GCommerce Growth Proves Hotels Want Customized Digital MarketingApril 4, 2016 – Born from the desire to abolish the cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing, GCommerce was founded on the belief that one-size-fits-none, affording each client a customized, customer-service oriented approach to their digital marketing efforts.

At the forefront of each successful campaign is the identification of a property’s long-term, sustainable competitive advantages (LTSCA’s); proof that no two clients are alike and each campaign must be uniquely designed and built around the strengths of a given client and their specific needs and objectives.

By closely monitoring industry trends and strategically planning for the future, the GCommerce portfolio can succeed where others fail. The danger lies not in the potential economic downturn, but in the lack of planning for it. Where some become short-sighted, reveling in the success of a robust economy, leading to increased ADRs and high occupancy, GCommerce remains focused on discovering solutions for decreases in performance. This is where Finding the Efficient Frontier of Digital Marketing is integral for success; allowing for a lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and an increased return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) through highly targeted digital marketing campaigns and identifying the efficient and inefficient paths to acquisition.

Clients of GCommerce have always been, and continue to be, the company’s best group of brand advocates. GCommerce has been recognized as providing the highest level of customer service amongst hospitality digital marketing agencies. GCommerce internalizes their client’s objectives and goals, and develops a strategic plan to accomplish these through a customized, hands-on approach. As such, GCommerce has experienced explosive growth in their portfolio.

The recent partnership with Playa Resorts, a leading collection of all-inclusive beach resorts, is an exciting addition to the GCommerce portfolio. A growing brand, Playa Resorts will look to begin by launching a new brand site, accompanied by multiple property-level sites. Moving forward, the group will look to GCommerce for efficient and effective digital marketing efforts to meet their objectives, which include capturing market share from the OTAs, allowing for an increase in direct revenue, while striving to maintain a low CPA.

A four-star property, boasting a Michelin three-star restaurant, the luxurious Meadowood Hotel of Napa Valley is one GCommerce is certainly pleased to work with. A member of the Relais & Chateaux hotel group, this elegant, yet cozy property joins GCommerce in search of proactive and efficient marketing campaigns. To combat the stock approach historically provided to this exceptional property, GCommerce is developing strategically-designed competitor paid search campaigns as well as Facebook campaigns to advertise the property’s unique offerings.

As with Playa Resorts and the Meadowood Hotel of Napa Valley, the Main Street Hospitality Group looked to GCommerce for a customized and strategic approach to its marketing needs. Their situation called for the website design & development skills of GCommerce, integral for the rebuild of various Main Street Hospitality properties, such as The Porches Inn. Unimpressed with the lackluster production from their previous site, the Main Street Hospitality Group will look to GCommerce for its beautiful design and focus on best practices to produce a site that will increase the property’s online conversion.

GCommerce challenges the status quo and the commoditization of hospitality digital marketing that has overtaken the industry. While many hotels continue to see topline revenue success in this great economy, hotels will need to invest in efficient digital marketing and distribution strategies to succeed in the future. Contact GCommerce to achieve your property’s marketing objectives and financial goals.
GCommerce LogoAbout GCommerce

Built on the belief that one-size-fits-none, GCommerce strives to eliminate the cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing. Catering to a wide variety of clients in the hospitality and tourism industry, GCommerce provides a customized, strategic, and client-focused approach to digital marketing. Services provided include but are not limited to search engine optimization and marketing, website design and development, display advertising, email marketing, and social media advertising and consultation.

Boasting a robust and diverse clientele, GCommerce serves at the pleasure of its clients, which include industry-leading hotel management groups, luxury and boutique hotel brands, resorts and casinos, franchises and independents, and more. No matter the scope of work, GCommerce remains focused on delivering a customized approach and incredible customer service to all its clients.

Focused on helping you discover the efficient frontier of digital marketing, GCommerce is waiting for your call. Contact us by phone at 435.214.5100 or email at sales@gcommercesolutions.com
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