Vegano Italiano Tours Shows Off Plant-Based Italy

Tour partnership offer unparalleled experiences of Southern Italy

Vegano Italiano Tours Shows Off Plant-Based ItalyWashington, D.C., December 2nd, 2015 – Vegano Italiano Tours, a joint project of Tierno Tours and Green Earth Travels, returns with two terrific travel tours for 2016. The first is a week-long tour of southwestern Italy’s renowned Amalfi Coast and overlooked Cilento Coast July 2–9, with visits to Herculaneum, Padula, and Roccadaspide. The second week-long tour goes through the stunning region of Puglia in southeastern Italy, with visits to Bari, Matera, and Alberobello, September 24–October 1.

Whether Amalfi’s breathtaking views or Matera’s rich history, travelers will enjoy stepping away from their regular routine to visit Italy, one of the world’s Top 3 travel destinations. Travelers can admire the lemon-laden terraced gardens along the entire coast of Amalfi while sipping on some limoncello liqueur, or marvel at the fact that Matera is the only place in the world where people can boast about living in the same houses of their ancestors of 9,000 years ago.

The regions of Puglia and Cilento are equally enthralling. Whether savoring the former’s locally produced olive oil, artichokes, tomatoes and mushrooms as well as its Baroque architectural monuments in Lecce and other archeological areas, or the latter’s Greek temples (some of the best-preserved on the Mediterranean) and its pre-Byzantine tombs.

Each tour includes a special guest from vegandom that will share cooking demonstrations and more. In July, that is Julieanna Hever, while in September, it is Miyoko Schinner. Both of 2016’s special guests are accomplished professional vegans with well-received vegan tv shows and their own books, hailing from Southern and Northern California, respectively.

Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT, aka the Plant-Based Dietitian, joins the first tour July 2 through 9. Julieanna hosts Z Living’s What Would Julieanna Do? tv show. She’s the author of the very recently released book title The Vegiterranean Diet, and previously The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition. She’s also VegNews Magazine’s nutrition columnist.

Travelers joining Julieanna will stay two nights in breathtaking Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast, sail to the caves of Palinuro down the Cilento Coast, visit four UNESCO World Heritage sites, marvel at (and happily moan about) meals with fresh made vegan pasta and pizzas, plus discover hidden treasures and roads of Southern Italy from local guides.

September 24 through October 1, special guest Miyoko Schinner will impart her culinary knowledge and talents with travelers. Miyoko heads Miyoko’s Creamery, selling handcrafted, artisanal cheeses based on her bestselling cookbook, Artisan Vegan Cheese. She shares her passion for delicious vegan cuisine in classes around the world, and co-hosts Vegan Mashup, seen on public television.

People on Miyoko’s tour will spend a day among the Trulli huts, stay two nights in the heart of “i sassi” of Matera, sail the Adriatic Sea, enjoy olive oil like never before, and experience a truly one of a kind travel meets culinary tour.

Travelers want to choose Vegano Italiano Tours for a comfortable, all-inclusive, immersive vacation seeing and tasting Italy as very very few have before. They will come and forge lifelong friendships amidst tremendously beautiful backdrops. Book today and make this one more thing to be thankful for, toast to and celebrate this season. Salute!

Tierno ToursAbout Tierno Tours

Founded in 2009 by husband-and-wife team Pasquale Tierno and Gretchen Sheridan, Tierno Tours arranges and leads boutique tours of Southern Italy. Using a discerning insider’s curatorial touch, they craft unforgettable European experiences catering to hiking enthusiasts, avid vegans, history buffs, and more.

Green Earth Travel LogoAbout Green Earth Travel

Seasoned world traveler Donna Zeigfinger founded Green Earth Travel to provide a wide range of travel options for people who crave adventure and care about the planet. Since 1997, this travel agency has remained on the cutting edge of conscientious and customized tourism, while becoming the nation’s premiere vegetarian/vegan/eco travel agency.

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