Brazil Amazon Tours

Brazil Amazon Tours

Natural Wonders Experience the natural wonders of the Amazon river in Brazil.

Oct. 24, 2015 -The Amazon Rainforest is synonymous with Brazil and not surprisingly, we have a fine selection of Brazil Amazon tours to take you there, aboard classically-designed riverboats. 60% of the Amazon Rainforest is to be found within the borders of Brazil, making it an ideal destination for an Amazon River cruise. Tour Brazil’s vast Amazon Ecological Corridor or the Central Amazon Biosphere Reserve, 20 million hectares of protected habitat, home to some of the world’s most fascinating and elusive creatures.

Protecting the Brazilian Amazon is crucial to preserving the ethnological and biological integrity of the whole Amazon jungle. Arguably, no other place is more critical for human survival than the Amazon Rainforest. Almost the size of the continental United States, the Amazon Basin harbors the largest remaining tropical forest on our planet, and, within that harbors nearly one-third of the planet’s biodiversity; discharges one-fourth of the planet’s freshwater; and plays a key role in global carbon cycles and climate. Moreover, there are numerous indigenous cultures and languages within the rainforest, some of which are still ‘uncontacted’, that hold centuries of medicinal and botanical wisdom.

Luckily, you can comfortably tour this area by expedition riverboat. Manaus is the starting point for most Amazon cruises in Brazil. Itineraries range from 2 to 10 days in length, taking in such highlights as the Lago Janauari Ecological Park, the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the Jaú National Park, and the famous Meeting of the Waters. Further downstream is the city of Santarem, which is another tourist hub on the Amazon River, with cruise itineraries beginning and ending here.

Brazil Amazon cruises are available aboard a range of boats, each with unique characteristics and itineraries. Browse through our selection below to find the ideal Amazon riverboat for your Amazon tour.


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