Cendyn Arcaneo® Reveals MetronXpress

Offers Customizable, Modular Version of Metron® Advanced Meeting Management Solution

Powerful, Flexible Cloud-Based Event Management Solution is Easy-to-Implement Alternative to Enterprise-Class Strategic Meetings Management Programs

Cendyn Arcaneo® Reveals MetronXpressBoca Raton, FL., August 7, 2015 –  Cendyn Arcaneo®, the leading cloud-based event and corporate ticket management technology firm, is pleased to announce the release of MetronXpress™, the modular version of its Metron® Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) solution.

MetronXpress offers companies the ability to select powerful strategic meetings management components needed to effectively plan, source, manage and measure the event lifecycle, meet attendee visibility, and achieve compliance and spend tracking, without the large scale implementation and costs associated with enterprise-class solutions.

As one of the latest advancements of Cendyn Arcaneo’s end-to-end event technology platform, the highly evolved MetronXpress takes planners through the entire event management life cycle, step by step, with an intuitive dashboard to create events, source through a media rich global directory, and provide onsite event management. In addition, MetronXpress provides in-depth reports that give real-time insights on the attendee experience, event details, and return on event objectives.

“We are very excited to offer MetronXpress to planners and smaller companies who need scalable event technology to track spend, meet compliance regulations and manage the multitude of tasks associated with running successful events programs,” said Cendyn Arcaneo President Robin Deyo.

“MetronXpress allows our customers to use one company to service every facet of the event life cycle, and report on datasets that are contained within a single platform,” she continued. “This facilitates intelligent forecasting, development, deployment and analysis of successful event programs.”

Further, Cendyn Arcaneo offers its customers an intuitive user interface that integrates with other Cendyn Arcaneo solutions to develop a highly customizable event technology platform, tailored to the specific business requirements and needs of each individual client large or small.

MetronXpress’ features include:
•Quick implementation of meeting management software
•Customizable dashboards
•Responsive design supports mobile devices
•Comprehensive event management with smart calendar and diary features
•Visually research thousands of venues and issue custom RFPs
•Custom event mobile applications
•Advanced reporting
•Dynamic event budget and expense management
•Implementation product services manager
•Unlimited integration capabilities

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Integrated solutions within MetronXpress are Cendyn Arcaneo’s, eProposal®, RFP Toolkit®, getplanning™, getregistered™, Ovations, and Event eSurvey™.

“MetronXpress was designed for planners by experts in the industry who have over 25+ years in event planning and hospitality, we understand what the market needs and deliver it through superior technology ,” said Cendyn CEO Charles Deyo. ‘MetronXpress is the solution that planners and smaller companies have been looking for to manage multiple events with efficiency, create valuable insights to optimize ROI and processes, and most importantly – deliver a positive attendee experience for the end user who looks forward to using this technology again.”

For more information about Cendyn Arcaneo’s MetronXpress modular SMM solution, call +1 855.468.1827  or visit www.cendynarcaneo.com.

Going to the ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo in Detroit, Michigan from August 8-11? Meet with the Cendyn Arcaneo team at booth #1344 and demo MetronXpress!
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CendynArcaneoLogo-150x72About Cendyn Arcaneo®

Cendyn Arcaneo®, part of the Cendyn® Portfolio, is the industry’s most innovative, cloud-based event technology and corporate ticket management platform comprised of highly intuitive SaaS applications which are redefining the way events are planned, executed and measured globally.

Cendyn Arcaneo’s applications seamlessly integrate with each other creating a highly collaborative platform for planners, suppliers and enterprises to successfully manage every facet of the group business/event lifecycle. As developer of Metron® Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) software, Cendyn Arcaneo is the only company to integrate various SMM solutions, hotel sales tools and planner solutions on a single platform, delivering optimized results and increased ROI to stakeholders. For more information, please visit Cendyn Arcaneo or call +1.855.468.1827.
Cendyn LogoAbout Cendyn

Over the past 20 years, Cendyn® has developed innovative, cloud-based SaaS platforms for the event industry and leisure hospitality space. As the company organized itself around these distinct lines of business, and continued to experience rapid growth, it divided into two signature companies: Cendyn/ONE™, providing an integrated CRM and Loyalty, Data-Driven Digital Marketing and Interactive Design and Development platform for hospitality, gaming, and leisure; and Cendyn Arcaneo®, providing an innovative, cloud-based event technology and corporate ticket management platform which is revolutionizing the way clients plan, source, manage and measure events worldwide.

To support the new corporate structure and continued rapid growth, Cendyn recently purchased and completely renovated a 94,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art office building. The expanded space serves as headquarters for Cendyn and its signature enterprises, as well as; Cendyn SPACES®, an innovative co-workplace environment, and the award-winning restaurant concept M.E.A.T. Eatery & Taproom™. The new headquarters serves Cendyn’s global clients, providing 24/7 support with enterprise-grade infrastructure and an advanced Talk & Tech™ network. With office locations in Boca Raton, Atlanta, Boston, Toronto and London, the Cendyn portfolio of companies proudly serves over 30,000 clients in 143 countries and enterprise spend levels in excess of 1 billion USD. For more information on Cendyn and its subsidiaries, please visit www.cendyn.com or call 800.760.8152.



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