Viking Ocean Cruises Announces 2016 and 2017 Itineraries for New ShipsJune 19, 2015 – With its inaugural season underway, new cruise line Viking Ocean Cruises has added Mediterranean and Holy Land itineraries for its upcoming vessels Viking Sea and Viking Sky.

The cruises are as follows:

• A 15-day voyage from Rome to Istanbul, which includes a three-day stop in Israel. This trip will be available in 2016 on Viking Sea and in 2017 on Viking Sky.

• A 15-day trip from Bergen to Istanbul. The trip, which sails around Portugal, has a planned stop in Tunis, as well as Malta and Athens. This trip will be available in 2016 on Viking Sea.

• An eight-day cruise from Rome to Barcelona. This trip dips down to the Southern Mediterranean by stopping in Tunis and Algiers. It will be available in 2017 on Viking Sea.

• A 22-day sailing from Barcelona to Stockholm, which includes stops in the Baltic Sea, including St. Petersburg. This trip will be available in 2017 on Viking Sky.

Viking Sea is set to launch in 2016, while Viking Sky will debut in 2017. Viking Star is currently the line’s only ship, sailing in the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean.



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