The 10 Best Restaurants in Phoenix to Eat and Drink at in the Southwest

If you are inkling to learn a little about foods and drinks particularly in the Southwestern area of the USA, Phoenix will be the best bet.

The restaurants in Phoenix were often steakhouses, like so many other earlier western towns.

But today, thanks to both its large Hispanic population and its proximity to Mexico, Phoenix is also renowned for its Mexican foods of which some restaurants bear a long history to their existence.

USA Today 10Best published the “10 Best Restaurants in Phoenix to Eat and Drink at in the Southwest” as penned by Patricia Escarcega are the following:

10. Canyon Cafe

10. Canyon Cafe

Offering a well-rounded menu of Southwestern fare, Canyon Cafe (formerly known as Sam’s Cafe) is a great introduction to the region for non-natives. Chicken-fried tuna, Sedona spring rolls, chicken pasta cooked with tequila, and steaks are all items provided on the extensive menu. Diners may choose to enjoy their meals in the authentic decor of the dining room or outside on the refreshing patio. Not sure what to order? If you’re a cheese-lover, try the Black and Bleu Quesadilla, a crispy flour tortilla stuffed sliced fire-grilled fajita steak sliced and served with red onion marmalade and Monterey Jack & Bleu cheese, tomatillo-avocado salsa, chipotle mayonnaise and the house Margarita slaw. Sandwiches and salad are also available for those seeking lighter fare. (6022523545)

9. Barrio Cafe

9. Barrio Cafe

Since it opened, folks have been clamoring to this hopping, no-reservations-accepted restaurant for its inventive southern Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. Abandoned are bland burritos and tacos in favor of lush, richly layered flavors achieved with zesty chiles, authentic cheeses, and complex moles. Start with guacamole prepared tableside (peppered with fresh pomegranate fruit) and then consider cochinita pibil, a delectable slow-roasted pork dish. Grilled steaks, seared duck breast, and seafood enchiladas are also much-requested. Plus, there’s no better dessert than deep-fried fritters with goats’ milk caramel – ask anyone. The restaurant also delivers a winning margarita, perfect for a long, leisurely afternoon with friends. (602-636-0240)
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