This is a great addition to a refreshing botanical surroundings.

Memories are made of this

What an interesting theme Ailsa and every one seems to be in love with benches. Go to Ailsa’s blog “Where’s my backpack” to see hundreds of benches.

Jack and I have created our garden over the past 15 years and Jack loves putting seats every where for people to sit and relax and enjoy our garden. It is only an average suburban section but it winds and wanders around the house and today I counted the seats and was surprised to find we have 7 benches and a couple of old chairs. So here they are, enjoy your slow look around and take plenty of time to “sit and let the joy of life catch up with you” 

A seat in the sunA seat in the sun. First stop is straight out from the back door

You will have to share this seat with Jacks quirky frogsA little further along and you will have to share this seat with Jacks quirky frogs

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