So nice of you!

Marilyn R. Gardner

One of the things I have loved about writing is getting into conversations with people who don’t have my background but know what it is to live between worlds. Today’s post comes from someone like that. I met Thea online when she began to read Communicating Across Boundaries. Since that time we have had some short but wonderful conversations about living between worlds. Today she takes you into her world of living between. You’ll want to grab a hot drink for this one! Read more about Thea at the end of the post and head over to her blog!


Earlier this fall, I dropped my firstborn child off for her first day of kindergarten. I had been dreading the day since March, feeling it’s cold shadow over her last days of preschool, sensing a little worm of panic squiggling under the surface of long, lazy afternoons, finding a new urgency in my perennial…

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