Nice. Lush greenery in nature’s best!

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I can only remember myself walking uphill and downhill trailing on endless flights of stairs that seems to lead me to nowhere during my visit to the death railway in Kanchanaburi. Finally, I saw a small resting shed and I was looking forward to take a good rest from all the climbing which took quite a toll of me. What happened next was totally unexpected!

As I approach the shed, I realized that the shed does not only provide resting shade for visitors but also a wonderful picturesque view of the Khwae Noi valley! So that gave me a reason to take a longer rest because I need to compose my pictures from the shed, I sat myself down on a bench and positioned my tripod just in front of me, all these were done while I’m seated. I got my 5D II with 16-35mm f2.8L II and started taking…

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