Airways aviation launches second engineering hangar

AIRWAYS AVIATION LAUNCHES SECOND ENGINEERING HANGARBILINGA, QLD, AUSTRALIA, September 24, 2014 – Airways Aviation has bolstered its reputation as a powerhouse in the industry after launching a second engineering hangar at its Gold Coast base.

The company has been given the green light from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to expand its Gold Coast division to include fixed wing maintenance.

The move demonstrates another milestone for the global company and shows its continued growth in the aviation industry.

Airways Aviation Chief Engineer, Peter Thompson said, “the new hangar is the start of an exciting era for the company. Since the acquisition of this hangar, we have carried out a number of renovations including electric overhead three ton crane, compressed air systems, a large parts store, offices and a lot of new tooling.”

Airways Aviation already have a number of external customers for maintenance, but now with the expansion of our facilities we look forward to increasing our client base in the Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales region.

The company has already started to reap the benefits of the new hangar, which will enable Airways Aviation to repair, maintain and sign-off on all its aircraft.

“Staffing levels have increased with a new highly experienced, well respected aeroplane engineer and engineering admin staff,” Mr Thompson said.

“With the introduction of this hangar and staff we have upgraded our Certificate Of Approval to include light fixed wing maintenance as well as our already existing light helicopter maintenance. This enables us to carry out maintenance of all our own aircraft, not just helicopters.”

The hangar is backed by some of the most experienced operators in the aviation industry. Mr Thompson is not only our Chief Engineer but a Commercial Helicopter Pilot and a grade one Flight Instructor.

The company’s senior aeroplane Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) is also a very experienced fixed wing pilot who can operate a wide variety of aeroplanes from small single engines to large twin engine general aviation aircraft.

“With our engineers being pilots we can also pick up and deliver aircraft, conduct maintenance test flights and more.”

Airways Aviation also has Temporary Location Approval to carry out maintenance at a client’s hangar if required.

Mr Thompson said, “Airways Aviation’s ability to complete a wide variety of tasks at the one location will pave the way for the future aviation workers”.

“Our students will also benefit from Airways Aviation having its own maintenance facility,” he said.

“I encourage our students to visit the engineering hangar to see aircraft being maintained and learn more about the aircraft they fly. It gives them a greater knowledge and will help them to be better pilot’s.’’

For further information regarding Airways Aviation and the courses on offer visit


Hangar 51 Lores Bonney Circuit
Bilinga, QLD, 4225, AUSTRALIA
Phone: + 61 (7) 55993445
Fax: + 61 (7) 55366242

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