SEA Airport Parking Coupons No Longer Needed With Greenbee Parking (@greenbeeparking) Offers

SEA Airport Parking Coupons No Longer Needed With Greenbee Parking (@greenbeeparking) Offers

Park N Jet Seatac Airport Parking SELF PARK – LOT 2(SEA)

Seattle, WA, August 8, 2014 – Greenbee Parking, a rising parking service in North America, has announced their new offers for all their customers who frequently use the Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) airport. With these deals, now all travelers using this busy airport can expect major savings as well as parking convenience all-round the year. What is even more amazing is that travelers will no longer have to depend on SEA airport parking coupons to save on their parking expenses or get the best space for their vehicles. They can easily streamline their parking and hence travel budgets without special deals and discounts that these coupons may offer. Greenbee has come up with many innovative deals for both long and short term bookings.

“Our chief aim is to ensure that our customers always get their preferred parking space at their preferred price without having to depend on SEA airport parking coupons,” said Christine Cooper – Marketing Coordinator, Greenbee Parking. “Our team is constantly working out the best possible deals so that we can offer great new parking options that can meet the rising as well as changing demands from travelers.”

Seattle–Tacoma International Airport Parking Information

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in the world which has seen over 34 million passengers traveling through it last year. It ranks as the 15th busiest airport in the US with both cargo and commercial flights merging here as a hub. This shows how busy the airport keeps round the year with several hundred flights going in and out to all major domestic as well as international destinations. Increased business had led to major airport renovations including expansion of the parking facilities in order to meet the growing daily demand for more parking space. New entrants to the industry like Greenbee Parking have come in at an opportune moment as they work hand in hand with the authorities to meet these demands. They have come up with innovative parking offers for all kinds of parking needs at prices that are amazingly affordable which makes SEA airport parking coupons completely redundant.

The Greenbee Airport Parking Solution is the connection between consumers and parking vacancies in close proximity to major airports and seaports. The parking spaces are very affordable because the company has negotiated discounted rates with major hotel chains for the parking spaces that are not currently occupied. Here’s how it works.

Greenbee Parking puts the available inventory of parking spaces on their website to be reserved by business and leisure travelers looking for cheap airport parking. This alternative method for finding parking equates to significant savings for the traveler. You can learn more about their offers from ( or via the web at

About Greenbee Parking

Greenbee Parking is the nation’s most innovative long term parking company, with a new way of making long term parking affordable. The company is rapidly adding new airports to its network.
Media Contact:
Christine Cooper
Greenbee Parking
Tel: 1-877-337-4377
Click to visit website

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