NEW YORK, April 25, 2014 – RezTrip, the premium all-channels central reservation system (CRS) by leading hotel technology provider Travel Tripper, has been lauded by the industry for its unique content integration capabilities found within its booking engine. Now hotels can elegantly display key information such as hotel details, maps, and photos directly in the booking engine, so that users never have to leave the booking flow in order to find this info.

Travel Tripper Announces Unique Content Integration Features in its RezTrip CRSThroughout the entire booking process, users can easily refer back to this information through a header that provides the information in a slide-down format. Users never have to go to another page on the website or leave the booking engine, preventing any potential leakage from the booking funnel.

This feature is powered directly by content that is input directly into the CRS-no custom programming between the hotel website and booking engine is needed. Hotels can further customize this feature to fit their needs through APIs provided by RezTrip.

“We’re steadily evolving RezTrip into a hybrid multi-channel CRS and Content Management (CMS) platform,” says Gautam Lulla, Chief Operating Officer of Travel Tripper. “We’re starting to host an increasing amount of content that is typically within the domain of the website in order to provide hoteliers with a single platform to manage their multi-channel distribution as well as their web presence. This integration of CMS functions into the CRS not only improves user experience and strengthens the booking flow, but also simplifies the backend management for hotels. While we do this, we are making all the content in the CRS available through very easy to use APIs so that hotel websites also have access to the content and can design custom pages around it. This gives the hotel website an incredible amount of power to display not just static content but also reservation activity data to help increase conversion rates. Just imagine showing off your hotel’s popularity by displaying recent booking volumes to consumers on your hotel website.”

An example of this feature can be seen on Travel Tripper’s demo booking engine here.

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