Offers Big Discounts On Eco-Tours to Hoi AnHanoi, Vietnam, Sept. 2, 2013 – Hoi An – a UNESCO world heritage site is not only famous as an ancient charming town but also as “A unique cultural window into The Vietnamese way of life”. With eco-tours to this beautiful and peaceful place, tourists will understand more about Vietnamese culture and people through the daily life of the honest locals. The image of yellow rice fields stretching endlessly and the farmers with farm work has long been going on poetry as a beautiful symbol of Vietnamese countryside. Just try an eco-tour when traveling to Hoi An or it may be a great regret!

“We offer up to 30% discounts on the eco-tours of 6 people to Hoi An from now to December, 2013. This is to introduce another Hoi An – Vietnam to tourists around the world. Tourists will have a chance to visit this enchanting old town at a cheap price. We also offer cheap flights of Vietnam Airlines and Vietnam visa on arrival freely for the tourists when reserving those eco-tours at least 2 weeks prior to departure time,” Nguyen Manh Dung from said.

The very special eco-tour to Tra Nhieu village near the poetic Thu Bon River promises to bring tourists a close-up and an intimate exposure to farming communities. This is a peaceful, romantic area where typical features of Vietnamese villages are now still maintained. The hands-on experience in the village space will be fun and enjoying.

To Tra Nhieu, tourists can see all the village roads winding around local garden houses shaded by scented betel-nut trees. By leisurely cycling along country roads and enjoying fresh air, tourists will be amazed to realize how peaceful the area is and how friendly its people are. Tourists will see a water buffalo working in a rice paddy field, ducks swimming along the rice farm or farmers tending their crops. The photo opportunities are endless.

Meeting and engaging with local fishing life, riding funny basket boats and enjoying game in a water palm coconut paradise are great things to experience. Above all, tourists will have an unforgettable time when directly observing daily activities of farmers such as working on their fields with the traditional methods, working with water- buffalos, feeding pigs and chickens… Besides, tourists can also enjoy some local famous specialties. This tour really provides tourists with a unique cultural window into the lifestyle of both local farming and fishing communities.

How to have an eco-tour to Hoi An?

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