FlyFirst Class Announces Airline Traffic Statistic for The Beginning of Summer 2013Chicago,IL – July 04, 2013 – With May airline travel statistics trickling in, FlyFirst announced today that it expects the 2013 summer travel season to be very robust and to offer a number of record deals on first and business class flights.

Although travel figures for May 2013 include a mixed bag of slight passenger increases counterbalanced by modest decreases, most industry analysts predicted that this year’s summer months would be busy. FlyFirst, a leading service specializing in reduced-fare first and business class air travel, carefully watches airline and travel trends to better serve its premium clientele.

“Summer is traditionally the busiest leisure air travel season of the year,” notes Julia Graft, PR manager for “Airlines were very busy in the summer of 2012, and we expect similar or higher numbers of passengers during the 2013 summer season.”

In spite of the high expectations for the coming summer travel season, May 2013 offered varied results for some of the world’s largest airlines. Delta Air Lines, Southwest and Lufthansa all showed slight increases in the number of enplaned passengers in May 2013. In a June 4 news release revealing May financial and operating performance, Delta reported boarding 14.26 million passengers, an increase of .6 percent over May 2012. Similarly, Southwest released its May traffic results to the media on June 7, indicating it carried 12.043 million passengers. Lufthansa served 9.377 million passengers in May, according to a June 11 report by Bloomberg. United Airlines and American Airlines both showed slight decreases in passengers boarded in the same month.

Since the economic recovery began, each summer travel season has shown progress, according to data extrapolated from statistics reported by the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. In 2010, U.S. carriers enplaned 201.4 million passengers from June to August, and in 2011, 204.3 million international and domestic passengers were served on U.S. airlines. In 2012, that number reached 205.3 million passengers. The organization representing U.S.-based air carriers, Airlines for America, forecast in a May 16 news release that the country’s airlines would serve nearly 209 million passengers in the summer of 2013.

July is traditionally the busiest month of the summer season, and FlyFirst expects that trend to continue for the summer of 2013. Summer air travel is lightest in the first two weeks in June and the last two weeks of August, when American schools are often in session.

“Internationally, air passenger traffic has increased in recent years, growing by four percent in 2012,” Graft says. “In particular, we are seeing significant growth in international travel to the Middle East and Asia, where economies are expanding and the high-end of leisure travel is burgeoning.”

This increased summer demand actually offers good news for travelers’ pocketbooks. As international companies seek their own summer holidays, business travel throughout the world drops during the summer months. This decrease in demand for business and first class seats during the summer months leads to a significant drop in prices, opening the way for coach-fliers to afford luxury air travel.

“At, we offer some of our very best first and business class deals to international and domestic destinations in the summertime,” Graft says. “More unfilled capacity in the luxury airplane sections makes first and business class travel more accessible to a greater variety of budgets.”

Currently, FlyFirst is booking luxury travel throughout the summer to a variety of international and domestic destinations at up to 70 percent off published fares.

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